Homa Bay County to fire employees without Huduma Namba

Homa Bay County Deputy Governor Hamilton Orata has said they will use Huduma Namba to audit their payroll.

This means that employees who fail to register for huduma namba risk losing their jobs.

Speaking when he registered for the number at the county headquarters, Orata said any county employee who fails to register for the number will be considered a ghost worker.

“Any employee who wants to continue working with the county government must register for Huduma Namba. A person whose details fail to feature in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) will be removed from the payroll,” said Orata.

Orata said the NIIMS will help them to reduce the wage bill by weeding out ghost workers and any other persons with double salaries. 

“Somebody might be using different names to get double pay. We are going to use the Huduma Namba in streamlining our payrolls to weed out ghost workers,” Orata said.

The deputy governor said the county is currently suffering from a huge wage bill due to the high number of employees.

This raises suspicion that the county might have ghost workers in the payroll.

The deputy governor added that the NIIMS will also prevent payment of salaries to deceased workers.

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