Otile Brown’s inspired artiste outshines him in the music world

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Most of the upcoming artistes always look upon the big named artistes as role models so as to make it in the music industry. Some go ahead to the extent of coping all styles of their favourite artistes while others just look upon them as mentors.

The ‘superwoman’ hitmaker, Mombasa artiste, Kelechi Africana, has been making the Mombasa music industry proud with his great work. His current song ‘Ring’ has been received with great love as some of his fans even describing him as an international artiste.

The new song attracted the attention of ‘Kenyan girl’ hitmaker, Otile Brown that he even shared it on his Instagram account. He captioned; “Now this is the vibe ivo. I like what our kenyan music industry is becoming , watu wanapambana sio kulialia .. this is really goood music, Ring by Kelechi Africana link on his bio.”

On viewing the post, Kelechi wrote on the comment section that Otile is his great inspiration in music. He said; “Shukran sana broo Otile Brown Always following ur foot steps.”

Otile responded to his comment, emphasizing on how great the song is. He said; “Kelechi Africana, hii kali . Komaa kakangu push hii ngoma na moyo wote.bless up.”

On sharing the song, his fans praised him with others believing that he is doing great than Otile Brown. One of Otile’s followers said; “sorry but Nani anatumia step za mwingne kati ya nyi wawili…kelechiafricana sauti yako tamuuu.”

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