Meet the talented man responsible for Joho’s impeccable grooming

Governor Joho is always out here looking like a snack and we finally know the hands behind the magic!

George Dufanda, a local barber, found artistic expression in the mundanity of personal grooming.

While others approach shaving as routine hairdressing, Dufanda approaches it as a canvas for his off-the-cuff art. With his hair clippers, skill and imagination, the 23-year-old has been shaving artsy patterns into haircuts since before anyone appreciated its beauty. 

Before you start lusting ladies, he’s taken and happily in a relationship with this beautiful lass.

He wasn’t good at was maths and science in school, but was good in arts, drawing and languages. When they relocated from Congo, they lived in Kayole where the young artist perfected his skill.

Dufanda was inspired by his father, who was also a barber. By the age of 13, he had already mastered the art of grooming others. The rest is history.

He rose to fame after winning of the inaugural Afro Hair Awards in the Barber of the Year category three years back and now he’s the hotshot in hair grooming. Among his clientele are notable public figures and celebrities in Kenya.

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Unlike before where he got Ksh.300 a month, it pays quite well and this depends on the skills portrayed by the hairstylist. For this reason, George Dufanda is now among the most booked hairstylists in the country 

He runs his business Castro’s Man Cave at Queens House with the only person he trusts with his hair, his brother Fally, who according to the interview has also scored big money from international stars like Burna boy who paid $100 for a fix on his dreadlocks.

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His fame and perfected skill has not missed government heads including Governor Joho who gets his smooth fade from the young barber. Joho has been the apple of many Kenyan ladies’ eyes because of his dapper style and grooming and now we know the magic hands behind his put together look.

Not only is Governor Joho a regular but as revealed in the interview, he also pays good money for a shave. Dufanda reveals that the most he’s ever been paid in one sitting was KSh. 10,000 which was paid by the governor in US Dollars. Turns out the governor is also an avid user of Snapchat while on the chair. Must be nice touching that soft head on a regular huh?

The stylist works with the likes of Akothee’s daughter Rue baby, Tanzania’s Juma Jux, DJ Mo, Size 8, Jalang’o and Ommy Dimpoz among many more.

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Watch their exclusive interview to hear what they said the beloved Governor loves:

Looking at their work, there are truly no boundaries to art or its expression.

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