Homa Bay sends threats to county workers not registered on Huduma Namba

The registration into the National Intergrated information Management System (NIIMS) which is referred to as Huduma Namba is evoking different reactions.

Homa Bay County being the latest to be put on the spot for sending threats.

Homa Bay Deputy Governor Orata threatens to sack county staff who have not registered for Huduma Namba.

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The Deputy Governor has also told county workers that he intends to use the listing in processing of their payroll.

The registration as much as many Kenyans are turning out is a voluntary exercise as stated by the government.

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Being a voluntary activity Deputy Governor Orata has now mandate to execute his wish of firing county workers.

That will be considered as breaching of the law.

Similar threats had earlier been sent by communication Authority of Kenya which had planned to block all sim cards of persons not registered on Huduma Namba. But their threats failed.

Huduma registration is completely voluntary. Do not be scared by the threats.

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