Government States Harsh Consequences That Await Huduma Namba Defaulters

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The issuance of the much hyped Huduma Namba has continued across various parts across the Country even as Kenyans remain divided on whether to get it or not.

Well, if you are among the undecided Kenyans, i suggest that you go get it if the latest reports by Government Spokesman Eric Kiraithe is anything to go by.

According to Kiraithe, The consequences are very simple, if you are living in a country where you are required to produce your identity card at the bank or when your sitting an exam, at the end of the day unless you really want to be inconvenienced you will have to get the Huduma Namba.

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He also explained that those who fail to obtain the Huduma Namba during the ongoing mass registration, will have to endure the hustle of camping at government offices to register.

“Whereas now you are only going to the local school or market and getting it… You will travel longer distances. At the end of the day you cannot choose not to do with it,” said Kiraithe.

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