BALLING ON A BUDGET: Ways to get Lit while spending less

Going out is a struggle by itself, especially with a crowd. With the drunken friends, misbehaving etc….

But especially with the mishandling of money.

If you want to get lit on a budget you have to be determined to have a good time. I am not saying you have to be reckless or anything like that but let’s be honest, booze in Kenya is expensive and instead of waiting for guys to buy you drinks, you could try these tips.

1. Skip food 

I know you’re usually told to eat before you drink but how about if you didn’t? I am not saying you skip all meals, but if you want to get buzzed really quickly the easiest way to do so is by skipping a meal so that the alcohol is absorbed faster and you don’t need to drink a lot to get tipsy.

how to get drunk on a budget
2. Drink at home before you go out 

Because why not? Why get drunk in a bar where you would have to spend a fortune while buying a bottle at home would have been better. At the end of the day you should go to a club to have fun, for dancing but not necessarily for getting drunk.

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3. Mix different drinks AKA cocktails 

When you make a cocktail you basically have different drinks in one cup. A strong drink that can obviously get you high faster, make sure you get a recipe that is affordable, for example you can use KC coconut and enjoy a lovely coconut cocktail which will be super cheap.

Image result for cocktails gif
4. Drink without soda 

In other words take some shots but responsibly. Make sure you hydrate so that you avoid a hangover and at the same time you’re not aiming to forget your whole entire night, you just want to get buzzed and have fun.

jack daniels
5. Make your own flavoured vodka 

By this I mean, instead of buying a flavoured vodka you could simply make your own. Put some strawberries in the vodka or other fruits to actually make it tasty and interesting.

 diy flavoured vodka

These are just tips to help you have fun but not to become an alcoholic. I realized that sometimes someone can spend so much money on booze yet at the end of the day we all want one thing and that is to get lit.

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