Wow! Gateman Refused House Gift In Exchange For Community Borehole

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A gateman who served his Indian boss for 25 years has changed the lives of people in his community – Musa Usman’s boss decided to build him a house as a reward for his services over the years

Surprisingly, Usman rejected the offer and instead, requested his Indian boss to build a borehole for his community in its place

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Such a Selfless act is random among Africans. I mean who would refuse a decent shelter over his head to have a good supply of water in the community?.

However, Usman proved that we still have patriotic people who would not mind sacrificing their valuables just so to make others happy and comfortable.

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Musa Usman had served his Indian boss, Mr. V. Verghese, for 25 years and he was planning to retire from the job and have his time with his family in Giljimmi, a Fulani settlement in Jigawa state in Nigeria.

In appreciation, Usma’s boss decided to build a house for him. it is also rare to have bosses gifting servants houses. Seems these two are so kind-hearted people.

However, the philanthropic gateman asked his boss to build a borehole for his community because there was a shortage of water in his village and people had to go a long distance in search of clean water.

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The most interesting part of the story is that Usman lives in a thatched house in his village but he expressed no regret at turning down the offer of a new house just so his people can have clean water to drink.

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