The Top 5 Umbrellas To Buy This Rainy Season: And What They Say About Your Personality

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It’s the rainy seasons, and finally, rain is gracing our beautiful land of Kenya. But just because it’s rainy, doesn’t mean you should buy just any umbrella.

Buy an umbrella that defines you.

Artistic Umbrellas- Duh, Artistic!

Woman in colorful outfit holding a rainbow-colored umbrella.

Artistic umbrellas are common these days because almost everyone wants an umbrella that looks a little different than the others.

They can be made of intricate designs, bright or neon colors, and even rare materials.

If you walk down any street when it’s raining outside, you are certain to see numerous artistic umbrellas, and if you shop online, it is easy to find one that suits your tastes and preferences, regardless of what those tastes and preferences are.

Automatic Umbrellas- Sophisticated

Automatic Umbrella

Automatic umbrellas are convenient because you can open and shut them with one hand, so they are very easy to utilize.

There is usually a push-button near the bottom of the handle that you simply press to open it, and you usually only have to push the shaft down towards the handle to get it to close.

Another advantage of an automatic umbrella is its size, because it is made to be compact and, therefore, fit in your purse or backpack easily and without incident.

Most people nowadays carry this type of umbrella, mainly for convenience.

Bubble Umbrellas- Chic!

Bubble Umbrella

A bubble umbrella is also called a domed umbrella because it is spherical in shape and has a canopy that fits down over your body.

The canopy is much taller, in other words than a standard umbrella. In many cases, bubble umbrellas are made out of a clear material, in part because the canopy comes down over your eyes and the clear material allows you to see what is in front of you.

Some of them also have binocular viewing ports to look out of, but in all cases, the canopy fits around your body.

Classic Umbrellas-Old School

Classic Umbrella

This is the most common type of umbrella, and they are usually not a foldable type of umbrella.

They usually have shafts of polyester or metal and canopies made of some type of microfiber fabric, which keeps the wetness and rain off of you.

Since they come in a variety of sizes, it is easy to find an umbrella that fits in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment, and their variety of colors guarantees you will also find something fashionable and trendy.

Compact Umbrellas- Reserved

Compact umbrella beside a handbag.

Compact umbrellas can have characteristics of other types of umbrellas, but they all have one thing in common – they are small enough to fit into nearly anything, from a pocket to a briefcase and even a purse. They are similar to pocket umbrellas, but they are created to be a lot sturdier and long-term, instead of being made for one time or short-term use, such as pocket umbrellas.

They usually measure about nine inches long when closed, but when they’re open they are just as large as a regular umbrella. Many of them also have an automatic opening and closing mechanisms, and even though some high winds will ruin the umbrella, most of them are strong enough to withstand most inclement weather.

Gadget (Funny) Umbrellas- Humorous

Funny umbrella

Any umbrella with a unique design or shape can be considered a gadget umbrella.

This doesn’t mean that these umbrellas don’t serve a purpose – they do, and they protect you from the rain and wind just as much as other umbrellas do.

But, gadget umbrellas can include features such as handles that are shaped like cup holders, seals on top of the canvas that let the rain make fun designs, handles that look like Samurai swords, and even illuminated umbrellas.

A lot of these umbrellas are purchased for children, where they are often shaped like various animals, but even grownups can enjoy these unique, attractive umbrellas.

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