It’s True, King Bae Confirms He Is Marrying Zari Soon(Photo)

Diamonds Ex-wife Zari Hassan has been talking of a new bae and posting his photos on social media, but she has never revealed his face.

However, she revealed that she will be having a wedding which she did not disclose the details of location nor date

It seems that Zari and her King bae are working on something special and private and both have agreed on keeping it private and personal. see photo

Look at the message captioned there

Zari took to her Instagram and posted a lovely message note and flowers she received from her king bae, reminding her that they are counting days to their big day.

The new mrs M countdown to our big day: from Kingbae the message read

So it’s true they are getting married? No wonder Diamond has started false allegations on Zari.

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