Woman Hacked to death and axe dumped in trash bin

Crime technicians carried bags of presumed evidence to police vehicles.

Authorities recovered an axe from a trash compactor at the public housing complex in the Bushwick neighborhood, and said it is part of the investigation.

The injured woman “suffered lacerations to her chest, arms, torso and a large laceration to her head,” an NYPD spokesman said. Her daughter was taken to a hospital for evaluation and is now with family members.

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Rivera’s body was discovered after the 21-year-old woman fled the apartment and flagged an Uber on the street. The driver, noticing that she was covered in blood, then called police.

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A 21-year-old woman with a deep laceration to the back of her head first met police before she was sent to the hospital.

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In the living room of the apartment, a partially decapitated woman lay on the floor, dead. Her fingers were severed, and she had multiple stab wounds and deep lacerations on her head, arms and body.

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In the bedroom, a 4-year-old girl — the daughter of the hospitalized woman — was found unharmed. And in a trash compactor near the public housing complex, authorities recovered an axe.

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