Why spectacular Nyari depression haunts villagers

Nyari depression

Do you believe in superstitions? Well who wouldn’t want to dig deeper if the said consequences were affecting them? Remember curiosity killed the cat.

Believed to have occurred in the year 1914, Nyari depression offers spectacular scenery blended in the Giryama community believe in superstition.

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Situated about 15KM from Kilifi along the Kilifi Ganze road at Kasava, the depression is surrounded by several myths as to what led to its occurrence.

Raphael Katana who is the chairman of the committee that takes care of the depression in conjunction with the elders is always at hand to offer the information the community has about the depression.

Katana said the depression occurred when the area sunk many years ago after a heavy downpour that lasted for many days.

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One of the myths is that there existed a village at the site where the depression occurred and a woman one day came to seek shelter when it was raining and the villagers declined to offer her.

 “The village was on a hill and when they declined to give the woman shelter she moved to the next village where she got assistance and this village here sunk with all the villagers” Explained Katana.

According to the myth, nothing was salvaged from that village and the woman later sunk to the ground and no one knew where she was from.

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The community around the depression claims that during the night some voices of people pounding maize using mortar and pestle can be heard.

“Sometimes we hear children voices crying during the night and at that time no one is allowed to visit the depression” said Katana.

Katana said the events that can be heard at night around the depression is a clear indication that there were people living in that area.

“This depression is unique and it needs to be protected so that generations to come can know what came of this area.

Inside the depression are seven streams that run through the base of the depression.

Unlike the Hell’s kitchen in Marafa H Nyari depression in cool and supports vegetation. In fact, the forest extends to the base of the depression. It can be visited at any time of the day.

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