The Highest form of disrespect at a wedding

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A bride-to-be was horrified to discover one of her wedding guests was wearing white on her big day. The unnamed woman took to Facebook to complain about her mother-in-law’s frock. Many agreed that it’s a “disrespectful” outfit to wear during someone else’s nuptials.

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The concerned woman shared a snap of the offending dress on Facebook. And by taking a quick look at it, it definitely looks more like a bridal gown than a wedding attendee’s frock. Not only is it floor-length and white, it also features a billowing train that would turn heads if you walked down an aisle.

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Airing her concerns online, the bride asked: “Is it as bad as I think it is? “Please tell me it’s as bad as I think it is and I’m not overreacting for it being too white.”

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She explained: “We gave her around five colors to pick from in our theme and tried to make it fun for her because she’s been so unexcited about the whole wedding.”  While the bride thought she was being perfectly unreasonable, her mother-in-law disagreed.

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