Revealed: Uhuru-Raila next destination after China trip!

President Uhuru and his brother Raila Odinga are not slowing down any soon. It now emerges that the long awaited joint tour to Mt Kenya region is in the offing and sources indicate the sojourn will be after the duo returns from their working trip in China.

Just a day after the Deputy President lashed out at his boss for entertaining Luos in government, Uhuru is showing he is the boss and no intimidation, arm twisting or blackmail from Tanga Tanga will make him renege on his vow to unite Kenyans.

Yesterday afternoon,William Ruto scathingly attacked Raila Odinga and put the head to state to task why he is entertaining ‘some people’ in government.

”Those people telling us many stories,don’t we know them? They are people we know. They are people who destroy. If they are not destroying a party,they are destroying a house.If they are not destroying a house,they are uprooting the railway. If they are not uprooting the railway,they are separating friends. If we understand these people,we are entertaining them for what purposes?” said the DP.

This joint trip of Uhuru and Raila to Mt Kenya region is expected to irk the DP even further given the efforts he has been making to have the region’s backing in 2022. However,things are turning out to turn against him as the ground is shifting underneath his feet. Reliable sources confirm that President Uhuru’s team and his backers have been dispatched to a number of local vernacular media outlets in Mt Kenya region to inform the population of upcoming visit.

Two weeks ago,there were rumors the visit was aborted last minute due to perceived hostility ,but it turns out Raila Odinga was out of the country to Ethiopia for his AU engagements.

The visit to Mt Kenya region is aimed at creating awareness about the handshake, its importance in the president’s backyard as well as correct some of the perceptions that have been planted by Tanga Tanga MPs from the region

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