Power Of Love, Man Hacks Neighbour Over 13 yrs Girl

Jealous over a woman can make a man do crazy things, including killing his own mother. Love is a portion of witchcraft that can manipulate a man’s brain the way we manipulate out televisions using remote control.

some call it madness, some call it foolishness but I call it an obsession.

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Here is a story of two guys who fought to the death over a young girl on Friday while you were celebrating good Friday. in fact, a minor.

A man controlled by jealous allegedly struck his neighbor with a brick on the head killing him on the spot.

The deadly fight was ignited by both men identified as Sibanda and
Carlson Ndlovu allegedly eyeing the same girl aged 13. Both men are said to be 18 years old.

“Mbongiseni Sibanda went to Carlson Ndlovu’s girlfriend aged 13-years at around 2PM and borrowed a cell phone and promised to return it. “At around 7 PM, Sibanda went back to the girl’s home to return the cell phone and while he was there Ndlovu arrived and found them talking.

“Ndlovu confronted Sibanda demanding to know what he was doing at his girlfriend’s home which resulted in a misunderstanding. Sibanda fled from the homestead and Ndlovu pursued him. “This forced Sibanda to retaliate and he picked up a brick and struck Ndlovu on the back of his head,” he said.

reports said that Ndlovu died on the spot as a result of the heavy blow. He said police were called to attend the scene and Sibanda was arrested while Ndlovu’s body was taken to Filabusi District Hospital Mortuary.

Chief Insp Ndebele said it remained a cause for concern that murder cases were being recorded over trivial issues. He urged members of the public to desist from resorting to violence to resolve disputes.

“It’s alarming that we continue to record murder cases over trivial issues. Like in this case these youngsters had a fight which resulted in loss of life just because one was speaking to the other’s girlfriend. “When people are faced with disputes they should resolve them amicably and not resort to violence,” he said.

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