PHOTO: Man ‘ejaculates’ on himself after dancing with a lady

A man, whose identity is not known, was captured having ejaculated few seconds after dancing with a female.

Men, according to research, are easily aroused by s3xy things and it take minimal time to make their ‘Cassava’ hard like ‘nonsense’

This clearly indicates the reason why men always cum fast in their first ‘shot’ because their main aim is to reach climax contrary to women who want satisfaction.

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Thus, the term ‘kumwaga haraka kama kuku’ comes in and ladies on social media accusing men of not lasting on bed.

Last year, Vera Sidika blasted Otile Brown for being ‘poor’ in bed and for not satisfying her with his ‘mighty’ ‘mjulubeng’.

Well, a social media user by the name Davy Kolo Wisdom condemned the act of a man ‘releasing’ by just dancing with a lady.

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My fellow men this madness should stop 
Dancing on stage with a female artist and 
You cum that fast like a hen 😡

The man pictured in the photo had his trouser wet after dancing with a female artist.

Netizens were not left aside and bashed the man for letting down the boychild;

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