Magoha Questions the craze of joining University

In recent times if you ask any High School student what is his/her greatest desire you will probably get this response;”joining University of my choice.”

But does joining University assure someone the ultimate answer to making it in life?

To some students,not acquiring scores that qualify one to join a renown University is equated to failing in life.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has questioned the craze of joining Universities among students in Kenya.

Speaking during the launch of Curriculum based Education, Prof George Magoha has stated that it is not a must for one to join University for his dream of life to become a reality.

According to CS Magoha students can pick alternative forms of higher learning which can help them gain the relevant skills required in the job market.

Polytechnics, colleges among other tertiary education centres would also provide the relevant skills which is also being offered in the University.

Do you think CS Magoha argument on craze of joining University is Justified?

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