“Come with Chinese women plus the loan” Kenyans savagely respond to Raila’s China Trip

Kenyans are savage. Hon Raila Odinga has been greeted to a series of reactions by Kenyans after posting a picture of his departure to China.

Hon Raila Odinga who has accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to attend a second belt and Road Forum for International cooperation, has been treated to a mixture of reactions.

” Departing for China to attend the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation where I shall make the case for synergies in infrastructure planning and development by embracing international standards,” Raila tweet read.

According to most Kenyans Hon Raila Odinga is accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta to ‘beg’ for funds to make SGR reach Kisumu.

This has placed Hon Raila Odinga on the radar of Kenyans who have sent savage reactions.

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According to twitter user by the name Kenmarmar Waswa, Hon Raila Odinga should come with the loan together with Chinese Women. Waswa argues that this will equalize the equation as Chinese men have filled up the streets already.

Another one has told Raila to use his wits and magic to make sure SGR lands in Kisumu no matter which means he uses to make it happen:

Another Twitter user has accused Hon Raila of making his China trip sound like a tongue twister by beating around the bush which he has said it is an ingrained tendency of Team Tangatanga:

Twitter user by the name Man Chased Her has made the whole China trip sound funny by alleging that President Uhuru Kenyatta is using Hon Raila Odinga as a guarantor to secure another loan and to prevent the country from being listed on CRB.

Though others have congratulated Baba for his trip to solicitize for funds capitalizing on the positive side of it:

Here are some other reactions:


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