Social Media has become the place to air dirty linen

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Ephy Saint and baby mama Chantelle Petit have been going at each other on social media for quite some time. . Chantelle exposed him as a threat to her life with claims that he has occasionally lied to her to a point she has thoughts of committing suicide.

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We have been calling their daughter Boo Boo as her mother refers to her but the cat is out of the box, the beautiful girl’s name is Summer Ella Wamuyu Mururu.

She has never given her social media family the chance to see her daughter or the privilege to know her name but Ephy Saint had other intentions.

Now that the secret is out, Chantelle shared a photo of her daughter for the first time when she was one week old disclosing that due to the prolonged labor she almost lost her baby.

“My one week old Summer Ella Mururu. I had only slept 3 hours on this day. I spent the entire day and night at the newborn unit taking care of my Boo Boo. She had just been removed from the cold bed a few days prior. Mommy mode had checked in and I was obsessing over everything. On this same day, I managed to pump 60ml of milk for her to drink. Oh, how happy I was. My baby had MY milk after 3 days of pumping 5mls each time I produced 60mls.

This was also the first day she fell asleep on my chest. Felt like I was pregnant again. She was so warm. I remember looking at her and telling her sorry for what we went through at birth and all the tears I cried while pregnant.

I was very close to losing my love on the 1st of January but I thank the Lord that she is here. When I pushed her out, she didn’t cry, I remember telling my sister who was in the delivery room with me to go be with her and watch what they were doing to her. It still is a very traumatizing memory for me. I will do a vlog one day narrating everything.

World, meet Summer (Boo Boo). The love of my life. This is the only photo I’ll post of her. Hey Boo Boo”

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