Parent’s influence on child’s romantic life

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Parents can influence children a lot because they have a very close relationship since the child’s birth.

If a parent is very responsible and teaches their children, then the child will have a very good influence in their life.

Children’s behaviors are partially shaped by their early experiences and exposures, which exist primarily in the context of parent-child relationships .

This is especially true for fathers. But regardless of being a mom or dad, it isn’t easy to raise children to be godly adults.

Strive to not set a double standard for children, but live by the same standards and rules you expect your kids to live by. When parent’s live godly lives, their children will be more likely to follow God because they will follow their parent’s example.

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Listen to your teen. This takes more than just hearing and involves paying close attention and genuinely caring about what they have to say. If teens do not come to their parents for advice or support when they face difficult situations in life, there’s usually a reason. Most likely, it is because the parent is not a good listener.

Family history also related to parenting but family context during childhood was more important than current family functioning, which is consistent with previous literature .

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The most important family history variable was the participant’s mother’s involvement during childhood.

This held for both females and males this is consistent with several studies that showed that mother involvement and affection during childhood influences positive parenting.

Further, being spanked as a child was linked to less positive parenting behaviors.

These results support research of the impact of negative childhood experiences on adult functioning  and emphasize the importance of creating a nurturing parenting environment and the long-term effects that the early childhood experience has on subsequent generations .

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