KRG the don to introduce newly signed artist

KRG the Don is set to introduce a new signed artist under his record label, Fast Cash Music.

KRG was speaking during an interview when he said that plans are underway to finalize the process before he introduces the artist Banky to the music industry.

Out of excitement, KRG says that people will know his new artist soon and they are definitely going to like him.

The Singer recently signed the ‘Taka Taka’ hitmaker and supported the release of his first overly hyped audio track.

Despite the backlash, KRG added that they will release more hits and are not intimidated by the ban.

His record label however faced backlash after the ban of the Taka Taka song when they were about to release the video of the song.

On what he does not like about his artist Alvindo, KRG says that although people think that Alvindo is a trouble maker, he is very calm and he rarely shows his aggressive side.

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