‘I needed to kill someone!’ Man shocks police after throwing son off the balcony

A 24-year-old man has been arrested after throwing a five-year-old boy from the third floor of a shopping mall in Atlanta, US after he was rejected by several women.

According to Fox5Atlanta, Emmanuel Aranda told police after arrest that he was looking for someone to kill on the day he committed the offence (April 12) after several women at Minnesota mall rejected him for various reasons.

The unlucky boy reportedly plunged almost 40 feet and is currently fighting for his life in one of Atlanta’s hospitals with head trauma and multiple broken bones.

The little boy’s mother says that,Aranda came up very close to where she was sitting with other women as they stood outside the Rainforest Cafe restaurant.

She asked him if they were in his way and should move but the man picked up the child without a warning and threw him off the balcony.

He admitted throwing the child from the balcony and said he had come to the mall the previous day seeking to kill an adult before choosing the child instead.

Aranda was arrested on a light rail train at the mall, as he waited for it to leave.

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