‘Though I used protection…’ Gin Ideal shares her past experiences

Gin Ideal

Gin Ideal is one of the fastest rising artistes around.

In an exclusive interview, the multi-talented artiste talked about several tings that you didn’t know about her.

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Come with me and let’s know who she is:

One thing your mother doesn’t know about you

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That, when I was in campus I dated an artist who introduced me to a lot about the industry that I know now.

Have you ever had a pregnancy or an STI scare?

Gin Ideal

Yes, I have had one, the very first time I had sex I was 19 years and though we used protection I was so scared and thought I was pregnant. Lots of paranoia thoughts of (the first time).

Your last words if today was your last day on earth

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If I was to die today I would want to be remembered as someone who goes for what she believes in.

Who is your best character in the Bible and why?

I would say the prodigal son. This is because we all make mistakes, however, the courage to come back and repent needs a lot of humility and self-acceptance.

What was your worst childhood fears?

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My very early childhood I was in the village, so every time I climbed a tree I imagined a snake on the next branch… I’m still scared of snakes

If you weren’t a musician. what would you be?

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If I wasn’t a musician I would either be a lawyer or a newscaster.

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