JIPANGE: 4 Important Tips to help you pay off that Loan faster

how to avoid loans

People seem to have a lot of loans out here but repaying is always a problem. Debt is honestly the enemy of progress and with so many companies offering instant loans it’s hard to turn away sometimes. The loan system just puts you in a mess especially when you’ve taken from different places at the same time. This is what you need to do to get out of this system.

1. Find extra money

By getting extra gigs here and there. You can sell things online or even get an online job that you can work on while you’re at work. If you can’t get a job you need to hustle by either turning your talent into cash or work extra hours if your company will add money for this. As soon as you make the money you should not even wait, just pay as much as you can immediately.

how to pay off your loan faster
2. Do not take a loan to repay a loan

Never ever start borrowing money to pay for a loan unless you’re really in a bad fix. If you have time to save money to repay your loan, please just do that.

how to repay your loan faster
3. Change your lifestyle

If you need to get a roommate or move back home just do it. Stop eating out or living a lifestyle that you cannot even afford. Focus on paying your loan before getting new shoes, only use your money on needs.

how to pay off your loan
4. Sell some things or turn wealth into cash

If you have a huge loan and you have land or a house, it’s time to sell your wealth so it can work for you. You can also sell clothes and other items that are unnecessary to help you pay off a loan.

how to pay off your debt faster

Never feel ashamed when you’re trying to do everything to pay a loan off. It’s worse to have a bad credit history than a good one. If you need to change your lifestyle or sell anything, do it! At the end of the day it is your loan so you need to get your finances in order.

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