“In future will you do gospel?” fans slap Willy Paul unaware

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A break from Ringtone’s attacks is doing just fine for Willy Paul and confessions from fans are just crazy.

Willy Paul had earlier this week promised to expose all the ugly secrets in the gospel industry.

The secrets were not just secrets but with many plots to bring him down in the industry but he has stood up against all odds.

His song Hallelujah featuring Nandy from Tanzania is doing great on Youtube and is getting a fair share of rotations in radio stations.

He asked fans on his Instagram to ask him any questions and at least be nice to him.

To the contrary, Kenyans are never that nice, especially for controversial celebrities.

Here are some of the comments;

sittysg: In future will you do a gospel song..ata kamoja tu.?

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kivas_kivas: Secular or gospel willy? Want to know your stand please

janemwaniki: unaona ka utauona ufalme wa binguni kweli

nahezzptah: What’s with the controversy.. You’re saying halelujah while displaying Illuminati signs.!!!

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