Go go man, Etale commends the Chinese crushing on Ngina Kenyatta

The Orange Democratic Movement Director of Communication Philip Etale has come out commending the Chinese national who declared his love for President Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta.

According to Etale the Zhe Fang Liu, a Chinese photographer, showed bravery that not so many people have or would do.

Taking to his social media he wrote saying, ” The Chinese man has dared to do what millions of Kenyan men had been afraid of doing. Go go man. Try your luck bro. “

Zhe Fang Liu, has been in the country for weeks where he has been touring the country.

In an interview he said, this was his first time in Kenya and was here to figure out on some life issues he was going through and Kenya was the best place to make it happen.

“When I arrived in Kenya, everyone always asks me one of two questions whenever they meet me. First, do I know Kung Fu? Second, am I married? My mum also continuously asks when I’m going to get married. I just got overwhelmed and made the decision to tell people I’m going to the marry Ngina.”

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Zhe also declared to have made a video asking President Kenyatta to permit him to take Ngina for a date.

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