CHEAP THRILLS: Spend Easter at any of these Nairobi Swimming areas under 500 bob


Most people assume that getting cheap swimming pools in Nairobi is almost impossible.

You don’t have to swim in some fancy hotel to feel like you swam. These cheap swimming pools under KSh 500 are in Nairobi and they are clean, accessible and you still get to do what someone in a very expensive pool would get to do, you would get to swim. Swimming is a fun way to pass time and if you’re trying to lose weight without struggling then doctors recommend swimming as a way of doing so.

1. Nyayo National Stadium

Nyayo Stadium is not far from town and most places. It only costs KSh 100 to swim there and one lap in this pool will actually tire you out and I bet you will also lose some calories and have some fun.

nyayo swimming pool
2. Kasarani Aquatic Stadium

You will get a world class experience for  at a very affordable price. You can go with your baby because they have one baby pool 1.25m deep warm-up or training pool and for the people who like diving there is a 6m deep diving Pool with 3 springboards and up to 10m high diving platform. Prices range between KSh 100-KSh 200 and you’re in for a treat.

public swimming pools
3. Bellevue school 

This works best for people who work in South C or on Mombasa road.  It is located in South C, Mugoya Avenue and only charges KSh 100.

Image result for Bellevue school swimming pool
4. Chester house swimming pool

It’s probably the most expensive on this list but that’s probably because it’s right in the middle of the CBD. It costs KSh 500 and if you’re interested to go here it’s located on Koinange Street and is accessible to the public.

5. YMCA Nairobi Central Hostel

This is perfect for people who work near town or on State house road. Instead of getting stuck in traffic and wasting time you can pass your time in YMCA Nairobi Central Hostel which is not too far from University of Nairobi. It’s inexpensive, classy and not far from anywhere.

Swimming is just a great way to relieve stress, pass time and great as a hobby. You should pick it up as an inexpensive activity that will be great for your mind and the perfect way to spend time with friends.

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