‘Oh my God’… Trump’s resignation letter!

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Robert Mueller redacted report released by Attorney General William Barr hit the table with a loud bang.

The report provides more details into the special counsel’s findings from his 22-month investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

President Donald Trump lamented back in 2017 that the appointment of a special counsel would mark the end of his presidency and was so furious that he reacted with an expletive, according to the special counsel’s redacted report released Thursday.

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After Sessions delivered the news, “the President slumped back in his chair,” the report said, citing notes from Hunt.

“Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked,” Trump said.

Trump became “angry and lambasted” Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, according to Hunt’s notes.

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“How could you let this happen, Jeff?” Trump asked his attorney general.

Trump told Sessions, “‘you were supposed to protect me,’ or words to that effect,” Sessions recalled, the Mueller report stated.

“Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels, it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me,” Trump said, according to the report.

He then told Sessions he should resign, the report said. Sessions agreed, left the Oval Office, and the next day returned to the White House to hand Trump his resignation letter, according to the report.

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US president Donald Trump, special counsel Robert Mueller and US attorney general William Barr

Trump tucked Sessions’ resignation letter in his pocket, but then proceeded to ask Sessions multiple times if he wanted to remain, attorney general, the report found.

The roughly 400-page report into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia was expected to include redactions of grand jury material, classified information, materials that could compromise ongoing investigations and information that could damage ” peripheral third parties.”

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