How Nameless Survived Death 15 Years Ago

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Nameless is one man who has been known to be a family man who has kept his relationship and family scandal- free for so long. You know of marriage scandals if you know Diamond Platinumz, this ma who practices ‘capture-recapture’ tactics in marriage.

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Most people don’t know that Nameless is living miracle since 2013. The mega rider hitmaker escaped death by a whisker back in 2003 following a grisly accident that claimed the life of E-sir.

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E-Sir and nameless

The accident took place as they were coming from a concert in Nakuru but due to the nature of communication channels, it took some time for the news to hit the headlines.

Nameless did not realize what had happened after he found himself admitted in the hospital. when he asked about his friend E-sir, they told him that he was taken to a different hospital

later his brother informed him that E-sir did not make it, He succumbed to the accident.

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