ACK Leader hits on Tanga Tanga team blasting their harambees in churches

The Deputy President, William Ruto has been the talk of the town for the good part of the week but this round for the wrong reasons which all stemmed from a bible verse that went wrong.

This did not sink well with the Anglican leader Ole Sapit accusing the political elite of taking their political rallies to the churches, he sanctioned the dealing of politics from the Anglcan Church.

The Anglican archbishop Jackson ole Sapit reiterated that he wants politicians barred from church harambees.

Sapit says some politicians are misleading Christians by citing wrong bible verses and trying to force the scriptures to say what they want.

“We are struggling currently with this issue of opening church space for politicians who come and quote these bible verses, some right some wrong.

“We should do harambee quietly and give money without announcing, and everybody is giving because it is an act of worship,” Ole Sapit said.

He spoke at a media breakfast yesterday in Nairobi.

His remarks come after allegations that Deputy President Ruto quoted Mathew 6:35 which does not exist.

Lakini tafuteni kwanza ufalme wa mbinguni na haki yake, na haya yote mtaongezewa (But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you),” Ruto said.

Matthew 6 ends in verse 34. Ruto’s quote is from Matthew 6:33.

Sapit said the voice of the church has waned compared to the days when Kenya was a single-party state, saying the environment is different.

“That time the civil society and political parties were not there, which is the opposition. The church does not enjoy that space anymore because the democratic space the church fought for has been opened,” he said.

The Anglican strategy is to strengthen the role of the church in influencing society. The meeting was attended by members of a multi-sectoral initiative against corruption and the clergy.

Ole Sapit said he will become more vocal on matters that affect the country like FGM, drought and corruption.

“We as a church need to open our channels and not shy away. The church in general needs a media strategy,” he said.

He asked the media to liase with the church and help it pass its massages to the public.

“The public needs to know what the church has done concerning every situation,” Ole sapit said.

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