Why Hon Kimani Ichungwa is just overrated

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Kimani Ichungwa

Kenyans expected a political drama when the popular political show Jeff Koinange Live decided to host a member of the Tanga Tanga faithful soldier and another of Kieleweke team both members of Jubilee party to reveal the current state of the party’s unity.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa is believed to be a follower of the Deputy President William Ruto’s allies who are popularly known as ‘team tanga tanga‘. Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu coined the word Kieleweke himself and is believed to be more loyal to the President Uhuru Kenyatta than the DP.

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The discussion was juicy as expected and they even ended up dragging the Orange Democratic Movement party into their feud.

Ichungwa termed the kieleweke team as a group of ODM sympathizers, to which Ngunjiri responded “The problem with Ichung’wah, the DP and some of the people they hang out with is that they are arrogant. We are both elected MPs in Jubilee and he has the audacity to say that I’m in ODM. He also makes it sound like it’s an insult to be in ODM.”

The Nyeri MP argued that he only supports Raila due to the handshake between the former PM and President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

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He, in turn, accused the DP and his allies of sabotaging President Kenyatta by not supporting the handshake. 

“When you attack the handshake, when you are from Jubilee, the person you are actually attacking is Uhuru,” Ngunjiri added. 

 “We do not have two leaders in Jubilee, we have one; Ruto does not have anything he does except what he is told to do by the President. When you ask me to support the DP, what are you asking me to support him to do? ” the kieleweke team member posed. 

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Philip Etale

ODM’s Philip Etale has since mocked Ichungwa on social media after the interview. Etale has stated that Kimani was deflated by Hon Ngunjiri on JKL last night

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