TRUTH BE TOLD! 6 Ways to tell your Man he ain’t Good in Bed

Otile Brown Vera Sidika

It’s time to tell your man he is bad in bed.

You’re not going to go into 2019 feeling bad about your orgasms. Men always put pressure on women to make them feel good and there are many articles that tell you how to be better. But women tend to fake their orgasms every now and then all to please a man. Please, let your man know the truth.

1. Use sexting to tell him what you would like him to do to you

When you’re busy sexting him just describe the things you would like him to do to you. At the end of your sext, make sure you remind him to actually do those things as you have written it. Make it a challenge for him, it will be fun to see if he will actually do it.

how to tell him he is bad in bed
2. Commend him when he does something right 

When he is busy pleasing you just keep moaning and remind him that you love it when he does it. Later on send a text and remind him of that thing he did and why you loved it so much.

how to tell him he is bad in bed
3. Use role play

When you’re role playing you can literally tell him of anything you’d like him to try. If you want him to be more kinky tell him to pull your hair or spank you harder, this way you have more control.

how to tell him he is bad in bed
4. Download a sex app that you can use to learn moves

Kamasutra is a great sex app to use for your sex life. Tell him that you’d like to try out new positions and then you could get tick it off the bucket list.

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5. Just tell him the truth Vera Sidika style

Vera was very bold when she told Otile that he was actually not good in bed. Just be frank with him the same way he would be if you gained a few extra kilos.

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6. Never fake those orgasms 

If you didn’t cum you didn’t cum. You’re not a porn star being paid to show how much you love sex. If you didn’t feel anything just tell him it’s okay babe, next time.

signs you will get back with your ex

The reality is, women take longer to reach an orgasm than men. So while you’re there faking it he is walking around with his head held high thinking he is a beast. Please allow this man to walk into 2019 with nothing but the truth, the truth that will set him free.

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