Foolish Man! Kills Friend To Avoid Paying 60 Bob Debt

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Killing is too common in the present days. Is it the law that is lesser or people are craving for jail terms. Every day we read and write news of murder over petty issues as if its a legal in Kenya. Buy why? read this story and share your thoughts about whether there was a need to kill in such a case.

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A middle-aged man was on Thursday, 18 April arrested for allegedly killing his friend over a debt of Ksh.60 at Elukangu village in Luanda, Vihiga County.

Area Chief Wilson Matika confirmed the incident and said the suspect, Justo Njomu, owed the deceased – Jackton Masana — Ksh.60 but killed him to presumably avoid paying the debt.

According to the Chief, Mr. Masaba – who split firewood for a living – earned the money through one of his casual jobs but was paid through Mr. Njomu, who refused to pay him and used the money, then resolved to kill Mr. Masaba! are some people not cursed?

Mr. Njomu, however, refused to give the money to Mr. Masaba, opting instead to kill him; an act he is said to have committed on Wednesday night.

Area residents, who spoke to one media house said the body of the 39-year-old man was found dumped near his compound with cut wounds.

The administrator further added that preliminary investigations led police officers to the accused’s house where a bloody metal blade of a hoe was discovered.

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