Bill Gate’s phone call to Nigerian President that made national headlines

The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, is alleged to have called Nigeria’s president Muhammad Buhari.

The Wednesday phone call was shared by Buhari’s personal assistant Bashir Ahmad.

The Microsoft founder is said to have called to congratulate the Nigerian president for winning 2019 election.

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Muhammad Buhari won the elections defeating his rival Atiku Abubahkar by almost 3 million votes.

” Bill Gates said he’s happy to be associated with President Buhari restated his commitment to the success of the administration as well as the progress, prosperity and well-being of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He also expressed willingness to do more for the country,” read one of Bashir’s tweets.

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He added that the president commended the generosity of Bill Gates to Nigerians.

Some section of Nigerians were not amused at all and thought that the Buhari was the one who initiated the call.

I can’t wait too for Jeff Bezos to call Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenya will be given a one week holiday.

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