Why Orengo is so afraid of Raphael Tuju

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It is public knowledge that Orengo and Raila are not in good terms, especially after the embarrassment in the Ugenya by-elections where ODM was floored.

Orengo is Raila’s right-hand man and has represented the former Prime Minister in almost every legal battle he has faced. But that relationship is being threatened by Raphael Tuju.

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During an interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohammed, Tuju refuted claims that his ODM’s mole in Jubilee.

It is evident that the Jubilee Secretary-General is one of the main been one of the main beneficiaries of the handshake between Uhuru and Raila and the building bridges initiative.

Since the handshake, Tuju has been pictured several times with the ODM leader.

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In February, Tuju accompanied Mr Odinga to Lake Victoria, a sign that the rivalry between the duo could have been cured following the handshake that brought Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta together.

Raila said on Twitter: “On a site visit to the Kisumu Pier where work on removal of the water hyacinth and rejuvenation of the Lake Victoria ecosystem is underway.”

In January, Mr Tuju also attended the 25th anniversary of Raila Odinga’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga at Siaya, marking the end of a decade long feud that saw them walking different paths.

Political analysts believe it is only a matter of time before the relationship turns ugly ahead of the 2022 elections as Tuju is likely to face Orengo in the Siaya gubernatorial post.

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“Both Orengo and Tuju are keen to replace Governor Amoth Rasanga. When that time comes, Orengo could insist that he has stood with Raila through thick and thin. He may be furious that Odinga wants to subject him to unnecessary competition. Tuju’s presence could test the relationship between the two,” he said.

Former Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe said at a funeral in Rarieda that Mr Orengo should consider running for president and leave Siaya gubernatorial race for Tuju.

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