Murkomen’s Bible Verse Quote Draws Funny Reactions

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Its funny how politicians are quoting bible verses these days. Have they suddenly turned into bible scholars or they are seeking solace in the holy book? leave it. I cant tell either!

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The other Day, Ruto was on the spotlight for misquoting the bible and before we forget it, Murkomen is at it, quoting the chapter but cunningly avoiding the verse not to make the mistake that his allie made! However, he asks a question at the end which clearly shows he has very little knowledge of the chapter. Here is Murkomen’s Tweet.

KOT does not forgive, and it was on Murkomen’s tweet, leaving all manner of hilarious comments.

Here are some of the comments that would leave you in stiches.

Referring to Ruto who misquoted the same bible. what a ridicule
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