Meet 11-Yr Dj Sending Brilliant Message To African Leaders

Meet DJ Switch: a 11-year-old vibrant girl from Ghana who is a DJ and wants to be a gynecologist when she grows up.

Erica Armah Bra-Bulu Tandoh rose to fame through a mixture of her feisty attitude, online music videos, and total cuteness.

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She is the second child and only girl of Ghanaian parents with five children, she and her family live in Dadieso in the Western region of Ghana.

She learned how to DJ roughly in 2017, in a village bar where the local DJ taught her how to use a laptop. After a couple of days learning the basics of playing on decks.

A couple of days Erica published a video in her social media channel calling upon all African leaders to invest in children of Africa and promote gender Equality.

”Hello, My name is Erica, But people know me as DJ switch from Ghana” Erica begins… I want to tell our leaders to invest in children of Africa..she continues

…to invest in quality education, good health and well being, and to invest in gender equality. Erica pause as she gets more vigorous in her speech.

She urges the African leaders to stop early marriages saying that girls are not brides.

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