Governor Mutua proposes a new strategy to reduce number of legislators “bloating” the government

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua wants the Women Representative post replaced with a reserved member of parliament position for women in a single constituency per county.

Mutua said that this would reduce the number of legislators “bloating” the government.

The governor spoke on Wednesday at the Building Bridges to Unity Advisory Taskforce at the KICC.

Mutua said that the system would work through a declaration in the Constitution that a specific constituency in a county was reserved for women.

“The system could also be rotational and move through constituencies because we need to accommodate women in the political landscape,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of his Maendeleo Chap Chap party, Mutua also proposed the installation of CCTV cameras at polling stations during elections.

“This will defeat the feeling of rigging in the country as the people can see the counting process live and even tally with the officers,” he said.

The party further proposed the separation of elections that would see the Presidential and Governor elections be held on different dates from the Legislative elections.

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