7 of the Smoothest pick up lines Kenyan Women use on Men

pick-up lines- Zumi

The fisilet community has grown and we can say we learnt from the best.

Let’s face it; it is hard for a single girl out here. We have needs that need to be satisfied and sometimes that tap and go can come in handy especially in these cold months. If you’re feeling sex starved sometimes you just have to take it upon yourself and do something about it! It’s not every time a man will come crawling to you; you have to go to them sometimes. These are the top lines women have used to try get a man in their bed when the thirst becomes a bit too much to bear.

1. Yes, believe it or not, this may actually work. Since you’ve torn down his self esteem, he may want to prove the latter to you

“You’re ugly, but I’m sure you can throw it down in the bedroom.”

embarrassed GIF- Zumi
2. Smooth operator

“*Insert ball emoji* Ooops sorry, my ball just slid into your DM accidentally. Do you mind?”

stevie GIF- Zumi
3. What man would say no to this!

“Nice package. You should let me unwrap that for you sometime.”

devious GIF- Zumi
4. Whoosh

“I was a little bit off today but the moment I saw you I got turned on.”

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5. We all hope it was long…

“What kind of Uber are you? Long or short rides?”

shocked gif GIF- Zumi
6. The idea is to say this to someone you don’t know

“Screw me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?”

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7. Chiiiile!

“How do you like your sausage in the morning, scrambled or blown?”

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