Murkomen, Orengo differ over talk show comments at the Legislative Summit

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The leader of Majority in the Senate Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has disagreed with Siaya Senator James Orengo over his remarks during the 4th Legislative Summit.

During his speech Senator Orengo lashed out telling delegates that they should not be confident with the agendas discussed at the summit as they were not going to be implemented as far as he was concerned, further terming the summit as talking show.

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According to Orengo,”So far this summit is a talking show, and i dont want to cheat you that the promises that we are going to tell each other today will be implemented.”

However his statement did not impress Senator Murkomen who seemed to disagree with Senator Orengo.

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While taking the podium Murkomen refuted that the forum was a talk show as far as he knew.

According to the vocal senator the forum is not a talk show since they fought and secured the independence of the county assembly which happens to be one of the major achievements.

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He further added saying through the summit they were helping to create structures which would help revolutionise the running of counties. 

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