How Mere Bra& Boxer Landed A man In Jail

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A man trying to impress his girlfriend landed himself into trouble after doing it the wrong way. Brandon Mujima (21) left the court in stitches when he confessed that he had stolen the bra from his lover so he could give his girlfriend as a present. 

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” My Lord, I stole the bra because I wanted to give it to my girlfriend and I will not repeat this again,” he said.

The man had been arrested after allegedly stealing a bra at his workplace. According to prosecutor Fletcher Karomber, Mujima, on April 11 stole a bra and boxer shorts at his workplace at Mutare Dry Port in Zimbabwe.


After committing the offence, he hid the items in the satchel, but was caught at the exit point when he was searched by a security guard Chamunorwa Mujeye, who took him to Mutare Central Police Station.

Appearing before Mutare magistrate Nyasha Kuture, Mujima was fined $30 and given an alternative sentence of 10 days behind bars.

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