Witchcraft Reality: True Story Of A Man Who Encountered Witches

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Horrific photos have emerged of a Man’s bad injuries after he cut off his manhood following an order from ghost women appearing to him in dreams.

Wahab Sa’adu, 35, said he was fed up with women who kept of appearing to him on dreams and ordering him to do weird things.

The man who is a fashion designer is still recovering from the gruesome injuries in a health facility.

Wahab said he carried his genitals to a neighbour’s house in Alapa, Nigeria.

Speaking after the horror, the man said:

“Prior to the incident, I had a dream in which three unidentified women appeared to me and ordered that I drink battery acid, which I did the following morning without the knowledge of anyone.

“Three days after, I had another dream where the same women ordered me to wake up and cut off my penis. It was after cutting it off that I regained consciousness. So I rushed home for immediate remedy.”

The fashion designer said his actions had been the ‘handiwork of witches’

It is understood Wahab used a razor blade to hack his penis and was rushed to the hospital. he, however, said that his actions had been the handiwork of witches’. The photos emerged 3 years later as Wahab did the crude action in 2015. This is proof that witchcraft exists.

His distressed neighbour said:

“We were at home preparing for the day’s work when Sa’adu came in with part of his manhood in his hand with bloodstain all over his trousers.”

Reports in Nigeria claim Wahab’s father passed out/fainted immediately after the bloodshed.

Wahab reportedly blamed the “handiwork of witches” for his sudden actions.

The man reportedly carried his genitals to a neighbour’s house

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