Double trouble as AU frighten to Suspend Sudan over military the coup

The happenings at Sudan are currently the talk of the world after the country’s President was ousted from office by the military after many protests.

Nothing of positive report has been mentioned so far and it is feared that the situation might get worse is measures to install stable government things would worsen out as citizens vow to remain on the streets to have a government put in place.

As a result of the happenings, the African Union has threatened to suspend Sudan following last week’s coup that saw Omar al-Bashir ousted by the military after nearly three decades in power.

If the junta fails to hand power to civilians within 15 days, the AU will suspend “the participation of Sudan in all AU’s activities until the restoration of constitutional order,” the body’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) said in a statement.

Bashir ruled Sudan with a dictatorial iron fist for 30 years before he was deposed last week following mass protests that have rocked the country since December.

The protesters have remained in the streets, demanding a return to civilian rule from the military council that’s replaced Bashir.

The AU echoed the protesters’ demands, calling the military intervention a “coup d’Etat, which (the PSC) strongly condemns.”

The body, which has 55 member states, added that “a military-led transition would be completely contrary to the aspirations of the people of Sudan.”

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