Best Snacks To Pack For A Road Trip

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For most Kenyans eating is a serious subject, we have heard of people carrying a whole meal in the name of snacking while travelling.

A joke has been made about a certain community in Kenya who eat too much while travelling from the village to the city. They eat boiled eggs, boiled maize some carry packed lunch, and eat groundnuts along the way and a thermos of tea to wash it down. Drama unfolds in the journey when they all go to sleep and there is a cocktail of gases that the driver has to endure until the destination.

While travelling, we are encouraged to snack to keep you going, also avoid some food poisoning situations because of the different temperatures experienced in different regions you pass.

You would wonder which is the best snack to carry for a road trip. It’s important to look at the snack’s shelf life, sanitation and portability. This could also make or break your road trip experience so it’s absolutely important to pack the right snacks. You can start with these perfect snacks for a road trip.


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You can pick any brand that you like, However Pringles looks like a better deal. This is because of their slim and firm canister which ensures that they fit practically anywhere without smashing its contents.

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It easily fits in the cup holder as well so you don’t have to keep passing it around. Either way, don’t feel pressured any crisps would do, even matoke or cassava crips they are delicious.


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You can also pack some healthy snacks on your road trip. Apples are good road trip snack as they have minimal waste.  Additionally, apples are a great source of vitamins and fibre which keep the body going. Therefore, they are better and healthier than coffee in helping us stay awake.

3.Chocolate Bars

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Chocolate is a great mood booster. It’s a tasty remedy for anxiety which many people suffer from while travelling. This will help you cope with other health issues like swollen feet that happen from being crammed in one place for prolonged periods while preventing getting on each other’s nerves.


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These delicious, freshly baked snacks are not just a favourite for many, they are also great road trip snacks as they filling without causing too much of a mess. Additionally, they have a pleasant smell which won’t put off other people in the vehicle.

5.Meat pies

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Meat pies are tasty, filling and waste-free. Whether store-bought or home-made, they appeal to the taste buds with their crunchy niceness. Stuffed with meat, they are sure to leave you satisfied thus minimizing the number of extra snacks needed.


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Who doesn’t love samosas? This is a staple snack for many which are great to snack on while on a road trip. Though samosas have a strong smell, most people don’t mind the smell. They are also easy to pack as they are small. Therefore, they won’t take up too much space.

7.Chicken Sandwiches

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This easy-to-make snacks are both inexpensive and filling. You can make this snack at home using a toaster or plain depending on your preference. It’s also a quick fix that will keep you satisfied throughout the trip making it a great road trip snack.

8.Water, juice and/or drinks

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It’s important to stay hydrated so always pack bottles of water and juice. You can also pack a bottle of your favourite alcoholic drink to pass the time and make the experience enjoyable. Ensure that the designated driver doesn’t drink and drive.

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