Willy Paul finally open up on the genre of his musics

Gospel singer Willy Paul has been in numerous attacks from his fans who have been questioning his genre of music.

Willy Paul revealed that people had called him out, saying that he should reintroduce himself as a secular artiste.

Well, he has confirmed what we all know, that his new song with Nandy is worldly music. In fact, Ringtone is calling it a promiscuous song but we all wanted him to officially say it.

The two have now worked on two singles, the latest being ‘Hallelujah’, where Nandy is seen dancing vigorously on Willy as she holds his hair, which left many wondering if Willy Paul is a gospel artiste.

“Hallelujah is not a gospel song but a love song, and as an artiste my work is to sing”

He added that he and the Tanzanian songbird are not an item.

“Nandy is my older sister, whom I respect so much”

Gospel artiste Ringtone has been on his case for over two weeks now. To a point, he said he wants to sue Willy Paul because of disrespecting Jesus.

Asked to comment on Ringtone’s attack on social media, Willy Pozze refused to respond to the things that Ringtone has been saying about him.

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