Nameless reveals the secret hidden in his name

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It’s now 20 years since David Mathenge alias Nameless started his musical journey. He is among the most successful musicians in Kenya and apart from music, he is a professional architect.

As part of this celebration, Nameless shared intimate stories about his journey, starting with this reflection of where it all began.

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He narrates how his life changed when he heard an advert on radio for a talent show. The talent show was looking for people who could sing and rap.

And if you had the potential there was a number they had given out and all you needed was to make a call and say what you are capable of and register for the audition.

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He had doubts about his talent and he sought advice from a friend whether he should participate. After his friend told him to try, he made a call to the station and the first thing the presenter asked him his name.

He didn’t say his real name because he was afraid maybe his boss was listening and this could have landed him into trouble.

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”Niliogopa kusema majina yangu juu niliogopa pengine mdosi wangu alikuwa anaskiza alafu ashidwe kaa kazi yangu ni kupiga tu simu”. And he said nameless, and that’s how he got his moniker name.

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