THE SHAME! Check out these 6 Intimate mistakes you’ve probably made in your life

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Sex is usually far from what we see in romance movies.

In fact, there are a few (if not many) cringe-worthy moments you’ve had during sex. In hindsight we can look back and laugh but it was NOT funny when it actually happened.

Here are some sex mistakes you have probably made:

1. Forgetting to take your contraceptive

Or maybe you didn’t use any contraceptive but he swore he came outside. A week has probably passed and you spend the rest of the three or so weeks hoping to God to get your period.

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2. Being experimental

Trying new things and experimenting in the bedroom can be fun. But, has he ever “accidentally” stuck it in the wrong hole before prior consultation? Horror!

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3. Holding your pee

When it started and you didn’t want to interrupt the mood. Now, you spend the rest of the time afraid that you’re going to pee when/if he makes you come!

4. One night stand

That one night stand with the guy who looked so much better earlier at the club. Yes, you probably regretted this one for at least a couple months.


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5. Having sex outdoors

This can be thrilling for the adrenaline sex junkies out there. But, at the end of it all you’ll have itchy grass marks and thorns that probably got the better of you.

6. Car sex

Again, this is for all of you horny bunnies who like to do it everywhere and anywhere. Yeah, your happy ending came with a leg cramp and some back pain, right?

car sex

What are some of the mistakes you made? And were there any consequences from those mistakes?

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