“We ng’ang’ana na kuexport ma mboch,” KOT tear Dida apart over Ruto remarks

The 2013 and 2017 Presidential candidate Mwalimu Abduba Dida’s remarks on Deputy President Dr William Ruto’s claims on ODM Raila Odinga’s alleged deal with him has stirred different reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

Dida, who had commented on Ruto’s Tuesday night remarks found himself in a hard tussle with netizens.

Dida had called on the DP to up his lying game.

He had said that Ruto’s narrative of Raila approaching him for a deal which he refused before Raila went to President Kenyatta whom they agreed and held a handshake was only good and entertaining to our nursery school children.

However, Kenyans on twitter took up the matter, and told him to keep off the DP.

They urged him to continue exporting house girls to middle East Countries. Dida was last year accused of allegedly holding some house girl at a house in South C which were meant for export to Arabian Countries.

Some told him to hold some respect for the DP, with some even questioning him whether he had gone back to his teaching career.

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