TWEEF: Larry’s Beef with Ombija Spills Over to Twitter!

‘Trouble’ is brewing in the Kenya Media industry after two popular TV anchors traded barbs against each other on Social Media.

Former NTV colleagues Larry Madowo and Trevor Ombija tore into each other after a Twitter User named Brian Noah heaped praises on Ombija who is currently working with the Royal Media Services.

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What appeared to be a friendly fire turned acrimonious, forcing the ailing Kibra MP to step in and quell tensions.

However, the rant would still persist, as Larry could take none of it.

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Tuesday, controversial Jubilee blogger Polycarp Hinga took to Twitter to ‘Confirm’ the “death” of Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, whom he described to have succumbed to cancer.

The MP would later emerge to dismiss the claims as unfounded. Hinga deleted the post, but not after a section of Twitter users shared screenshots.

He was to later apologize for the wrong information, claiming he had been informed by a cousin of Hon Ken Okoth.

Larry-Ombija Clash Online

The contentious words: Rateng Chumbi nyiri loosely translate to ‘Dark gentleman, loved by women (the girls dem sugar)’

Ombija’s Response

Iwacho ni chumbi nyiri? Hehehe…ayie kodi.. thanks: Translated to ‘So you say the girls dem sugar? Heheh I do agree with you, thanks.’

Kibra MP intervened saying #EnWachMalichAhinya which translates to ‘This is such a big issue.’

Larry Madowo’s Beef

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Apparently the statements of the fan did not go down pretty well with BBC Africa journalist Larry Madowo.

In a scathing response, he responded:

Koro ok wanyal yudo kwe e timeline kae nikech ng’ato opaki?  Meaning “Can’t we have peace for a moment on our timeline just because someone has been praised?

Ombija’s response was to come sooner, appearing to say he ‘rules’ Nairobi

Kawuono an ema agokoko Nairobi kae….onge nindo wasemoke!! ( Today, I am the one calling the shots here in Nairobi, no retreat, it is on!!)

But Larry dismissed the Citizen TV journalist, telling him to just save him the cra*p, as he was a fairly busy man with quite a lot on his table.

Ibaro wiya to adich (You are being a nuisance, I’m busy!)

Reports indicate that the war of words was to later continue on WhatsApp.

Trevor and Larry have been spotted on several occasions biking together.

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