Holy Moly! Pastor ‘anoints’ congregants with Fanta

A video of a man ‘anointing’ alleged Christians from Zambia is circulating on social media.

From the video, the man presumed to be a pastor is standing on a chair and pouring soft drink on their heads in a way of casting demons.

Angry Christians have expressed their frustrations of ‘pastors’ misleading gullible congregants through enticing prophecy.

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The congregants presumed to be Christians are seen with two bottles of Fanta orange and Fanta black current in a queue waiting for the ‘holy anointing’.

This follows recent incidences with self-proclaimed prophets who stage miracles to gain their popularity.

South African pastor Alpha Lukau on February was on the spot for ‘raising’ man from death.

The video circulated all over Africa with Christians rebuking the act of blasphemy.

Another South African pastor also was seen telling congregants to eat snakes and grass in order to get rich.

Where is Christianity really headed?

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