United Legend Explains Why Fans Cannot Stop Praising Scott McTominay

Barcelona managed to beat Manchester United 1-0 in tonight’s first leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals at Old Trafford.

But even after all the darkness over a negative result, there was one small light after Scott McTominay showed a great performance on the field.


“He was positive, reliable. He was aggressive,” former Red Devils footballer Rio Ferdinand said.

“He’s proved to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he can be trusted, which is vital for a young player.”

He commented: “He was great all day, today.”

“In the first ten, 15 minutes we showed them far too much respect but after that, we adapted really well and looked the better side.”

“It was an entertaining night to watch on the TV. Barcelona is a top class, it’s difficult to get the ball. It’s not as easy as going out to press like mayhem,” he continued.

“We have to do more in front of goal, score more goals. It’s a big second leg to go. It’s only half time. We are Manchester United and you can never write us off.”

Manchester United will visit Barcelona next week, as the two meet in Spain on Tuesday night.

But the team is also fighting for the top four in the English Premier League where they are currently in the sixth position with 61 points, just three away from fourth place.

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